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One years journey with Synematika

So last year, I drove two hours up to a factory turned art space in Kingston New York to help support a creative type who specializes in cinematic creation. I really hadn’t met Michael Pope except in very brief passings or even briefer messages through Facebook, but he had launched a Kickstarter and asked me if I could help out by sharing/donating to his cause. He was creating a 3d Script called Synematika.

I’d never heard of a 3d Script, and in fact, I’m still not entirely sure what one is, but it piqued my curiosity enough to donate and make the trip when he decided to open it to the public.

He had set up shop in an old factory appropriately named ” The Shirt Factory” (I wonder why…) Upon entering his working space I felt like I was transported into the mind of an artist.

There were pieces of skits and quotes and wonderfully drawn sketches strewn purposely over every length of wall. Some places he had even written directly on the wall as if his thoughts couldn’t be stopped by the fact he had run out of paper in which to put the thought on. It was far too important to be hindered by something so trivial.

It was a really interesting and immersive experience. I took some pictures that day and ended up showing them to Michael.  Long story bearable, he liked them and asked me to help him with some photography for the project.

Working on this for the past however many months has actually been a really neat experience. I’ve done not only photography work, but a little bit of cinematography, set building, and lots of friend making ( which counts as a skill in my book.) I feel like working with Michael on this project has really helped me break some personal boundaries with my art, and I’m super happy to have been able to be a part of it.

There is lots of work left to be done, but I’m really looking forward to helping him make his vision come to life.


Michael Pope and James Holland on the set of Synematika.


To check out some info on the 3D script:

and to follow updates via the kickstarter page (which occasionally showcases some of my photos, yes, yes shameless plug):

And to Donate to Synematika ( because artists can always use a little extra cash for their art):


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