Back on Track- Artistic Candy

Ok, so I can’t really say I thought I would stay on track when it comes to a photo project because honestly, I know myself enough to know that when it comes to doing things for me I procrastinate. So, it happened. I fell off the rails, but for a good reason.

I’ve been super busy as of late with awesome new clients and building mini sets for taking newborn and children’s photos in the studio as well as getting a bunch of back-end business stuff done. Even though I haven’t been sharing a whole lot on here lately, there is quite a bit to come.

This is going to be a fairly short post to just kind of get me back into the swing of things and give a small update to projects and future shoots.

This here is a picture of my sister Emily, who is also my awesome stand in model/hair colorist ( this may be a plug, sorry, not sorry). She agreed to come in for a kind of strange project I had in mind that, as you can see involved sprinkles. It’s ok, she was happy to eat them afterward. lol

In case you’re wondering how we got them to stick, we used nail polish (on her nails, obvi) and chapstick to make her lips tacky enough to hold the sprinkles. It took a few tries, but I think it worked pretty well.

Emily Candy-39-Edit


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