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52 Week Project

I am very blessed in that I get to do something I enjoy for a living. I love photography as a whole. Whether it’s taking pictures of abandoned buildings or people, I like making art and memories.

Since taking on the photo business as a full time gig however, I feel like I don’t get much time to work on my more artsy things anymore, so I’ve decided to push myself to work on one artsy photo project a week for the next year. I’ll have an assignment each week and already have my weekly prompts picked out. It’s partially borrowed from the Dogwood Photo Challenge (from both 2016 and 2017), and partially my own ideas.

Here are the links if you would like to look them up:

DogWood Challenge 2016:

Dogwood Challenge 2017:


My First Challenge was a self-portrait. I had an idea floating around in my head of it looking like to was raining vintage cameras and me kind of pushing them off to the side to get through. Initially, I was going to attach them to strings to hold them above me, but decided photoshop was the better option. I wanted to have multiples of the same camera in the shot, so photoshop would be best for that.

I started off by putting the camera on a tripod and using a remote to take the picture.I delayed the shot by 2 seconds in order to get into a pose. I experimented with poses a bit before feeling I had something I could use.

Next up was taking pictures of the cameras. Same basic concept. Camera was still on a tripod and I still used a remote trigger. Instead of hanging the cameras on string, I used their handle to swing them in front of the camera in different parts of the frame. Here are some examples:

From there I imported my favorite shot of me, and all the good pictures of the cameras into photoshop. I aligned all the layers and masked all the camera images out with a black layer mask. I drew back in the cameras with a white brush, leaving out the straps and my hands obviously. lol

I added some motion blur to the cameras in the background to make it look like they were falling and moved a camera or two from in back of me to make the image a little more compositionally sound.


Here is the finished piece. Next week: Artistic Red.


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