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A Post About Posts…

I like to consider myself a crafty person. I virtually live on Pinterest, compiling numerous boards on DIY projects and crafts (as well as everything else under the sun). In between editing and the seemingly endless amounts of back-end work that go into running a photography business, I’ll browse for ideas for the studio. A few times I had thought about buying a newborn bed prop, but figured maybe I could build one myself.

The other day I couldn’t quite get into the groove and decided to break away from the computer and go outside in search of some pretty branches. My initial idea was to make a woodsy looking newborn bed. ( I still will in the future.)

These green posts, which were part of a railing at some point, had been sitting out back for quite some time and I couldn’t quite pass them by. I knew I had wanted to turn them into something at some point but hadn’t quite figured out the details until right then.

“If I chop off the rectangular part at the top,” I thought “This could look like posts for one of those pretty canopy beds.” I carried five of them inside. ( one in case I screwed up. Spoiler Alert: I did.)

I cleaned them up and decided that I was going to make this a project using reclaimed wood, and wood scraps left over from other projects, because, well, why not. This is what I do. I have an idea. I change the idea. I change the idea again, probably. There isn’t always the most planning. I didn’t even have a blueprint.

I probably made this project harder on myself than it needed to be, but I am both impatient and stubborn. In the studio, we had a Sawzall and a power drill, so those are really the only two tools I used for this.

What’s that? Sawzalls are best used for demolition you say? Hmm. Well, oh well. We found that out the hard way.

Yup. Cutting a straight line with a Sawzall is, in fact, a bit challenging. It doesn’t quite like to stay put, but I think I did ok.

Like I said before… I didn’t quite use a pattern for this, but I did decide that it should be roughly the size of one of the newborn props I’d already had. I added a few inches to account for the posts going on the ends. The bed portion ( not including posts) ended up being roughly 20″ long by 12″ wide.

My cuts weren’t perfect, but they didn’t have to be. The entire piece was sanded when I was done assembling it. Hand sanded, mind you, with three different grains before I was happy. If it weren’t for the ugly green posts, I would have left the bed with that pretty natural wood look.

After sanding was done, I used white paint, about three layers worth, for a base coat. I wanted to give it just a little splash of color, so I used what I had left of my Valspar paint sample. It’s about 8oz of color in a satin finish. The name is la Fonda Teal. I refinished my desk with this previously. It’s a lovely color. Using just the edge of the brush I swiped on a few light brush marks and then blended it back in with the white.


Here’s the finished product. I think it came out pretty well. I may add a headboard to it at some point, but for the purpose of this project, I think it’s good the way it is. I’m really looking forward to making a canopy to put over it, and maybe some other accessories in the future. If you guys have any ideas of ways I can spruce it up, please feel free to comment. I’d love to hear some ideas. 🙂




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