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Imaging Conference 2017

So earlier this week I flew out to San Antonio, Texas to go to my first Imaging conference. I had no idea what to expect because I didn’t understand what I could possibly from watching someone talk in person as opposed to watching a similar video on youtube.

I’m a self-taught, mostly youtube learned photographer. You can literally learn just about any skill on there nowadays if you know how to search and have patience. I think very highly of youtube, obviously. lol Anyway, so having no idea what to expect I almost ended up not going. Trips cost money, and being away meant I also wouldn’t be making any money. As I often do when it comes to things that I might actually enjoy (but cost money) I mulled it over until basically the last minute before deciding to go.

I lucked out big time with this trip. I have a good friend who has an airb&b that was close to the convention center and she helped me tremendously when it came to question about where to go, even occasionally driving me places if she could.

So long story bearable, I got to this conference and despite my scepticism actually really enjoyed the experience. I was able to see some photographers that I’ve admired (from youtube videos) perform their skills live.  Being in the room with them you kind of pick up their excitement for the craft…Like, when they’re charged up or excited about what they’re saying… when they’re being passionate, you kinda feel it too.

There are exactly zero times I’ve gotten that from watching people on a youtube video. Half the time I don’t even make it through the whole thing before I’m falling asleep and have to go back and watch the parts I napped through.

I feel really inspired to change some things with my business… I think for the better. I wouldn’t have thought it, but I probably learned more in those few days live than I would’ve sitting in front of the computer. So I guess that is a big check mark in the “Go see the thing. Spend the money. Do the thing” category.

I’m already looking forward to next years conference. It’s in Nashville. But for now, back to work. 🙂

Here’s a picture of some of my spoils from the expo. I love newborn photography and intuition color had these cute little wraps for newborns in beautiful colors. I had to grab some. The fuzzy tan cloth is from them too. I can’t wait to have some more babies in the studio to test these out. I don’t have to wait long. I have a cutie coming in tomorrow. 🙂

crappy cell phone picture does not do the colors justice.


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