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Cypress- High School Portraits

Who would have thought that I’d end up having work to do while I was in a different state… Like 1500+ miles away from home and the studio?? Not this girl, but it turns out since I was going to be in San Antonio for Imaging USA, a friend of mine asked if I would be able to fit in taking some senior portraits for her daughter, Cypress.

The answer, of course, was ABSOLUTELY! There was nooo way I was going to miss out on shooting at new/exciting/beautiful locations. Getting to take photographs of places while I travel is a decent chunk of the reason I travel.

So Cypress picked some wonderful locations for these photos. We went to the Hays Street Bridge to do a few shots as the sun was setting. We ever ran into a fellow photographer shooting a dancer. All and all an awesome first bit of the shoot. Cypress is a natural when it comes to posing. She made my job super easy. haha

A few days later we met up for photoshoot part two and went downtown to Pearl and then part of the Riverwalk in that area. I had so much fun getting these shots, and really there are so many wonderful ones of her that it was super hard for me to choose my favorites… but I’ve narrowed it down to 5… for now… 😛

I hope you enjoy!

For more info on sites I visited on my trip, visit the links below: ( because their history is really neat, and you should take a break from reading memes or looking at cat videos… wait, is this a note for me or the reader? -shrugs- )

Hays Street Bridge:




The Riverwalk:



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